The JeffAdams Society is an online community dedicated to elevating the nature of American political discourse through the promotion of vigorous debate. It is built on the principle that critical public engagement is a key element of democracy.

By engaging a wide online community in live debates, discussions, and workshops, the JeffAdams Society will raise awareness of issues in public policy and explore topics in American government while developing debate skills in participants and engaging the critical eye of viewers.

Amidst a fragmented media culture, JeffAdams will serve as an engaging online resource for exploring competing sides of any issue, practicing the art of debate, and raising expectations for public political discourse generally.

 Debate Master Classes

The JeffAdams Society Founding Debaters will model a series of live online debates covering some of the most controversial issues facing our country, participating as debaters, commentators, and moderators.

Debate master classes will feature topics announced in advance, debate positions assigned just minutes before start time, critical review and discussion by commentators following each debate, and online voting to determine which team has best supported its position.

 Workshops, Discussions, and Guest Speakers

The JeffAdams Society will regularly hold workshops and discussions to develop debate skills and explore issues in public affairs, often diving deeper into topics covered as part of its debate master classes.  And as part of the JeffAdams commitment to actively engaging in the public policy dialogue, the JeffAdams Society will regularly invite guest speakers to share and debate their own views and respond to questions from the JeffAdams community.

 Community Engagement

It all begins with you.

If you are interested in debating, critically reviewing the arguments of participating debaters, directly engaging guest speakers, or simply learning more about topics discussed in JeffAdams events, then… 

Join the JeffAdams community as a debater or voter. Or simply follow JeffAdams to watch online events.  

Then take what you learn here, and change the world.

The Jefferson-Adams Legacy

The name, JeffAdams, celebrates the unique relationship of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.  Friends, collaborators, bitter rivals, patriots — two driving forces in the movement for American independence and in the early days of our republic — the story of their rivalry, reconciliation, and deaths just hours apart on the fiftieth anniversary of the Declaration of Independence is the stuff of American legend.